Used Step Vans

Used Step Vans Are The Solutions To Small Mobile Business Ventures

Vans come in different models and sizes, made for different purposes. The vehicles called used step vans may be unknown to many – even to vehicle owners. These are different kinds of commercial vehicles. But then, used step vans emerged and became widespread out of people’s needs to establish their own small rolling businesses. 

The term “van” is actually a shortened name for caravan. In the ancient period, the caravan is a covered vehicle used for transporting people and goods. The step van was construed based on how it was used. It derived its name from the ease in getting in and out of the vehicle just by one step. For example, a delivery man can get into the van through low steps built under the doors. Or – one can just stand up from the driver’s seat and into the cargo portion.


They usually have boxy types of bodies, big enough to contain cargo and plentiful loads. The roofs are higher than most other vans. They are seldom used for carrying or transporting passengers.

Sample uses of step vans

  1. They are widely used by courier companies and parcel companies of Postal Service. For this purpose, they are mostly seen running with open doors.
  2. They are used for delivery services. These are converted for curb side delivery. The delivery route business can be very profitable and funds invested on the used step van can generate high ROI (Return On Investment).
  3. Used step vans can also be used as food service mobile kitchens. This can be a kind of mobile vending business which like the delivery route business can generate high income.
  4. They can function as frozen or soft service ice cream trucks that are designed with service window, a place where the vendor can stand up while doing business. Many had already established the novelty ice cream counter sales or operating ice cream routes. The business had been profitable.
  5. The used step van can then be used for any other vending ventures, depending on the needs of your route and locality.
  6. Step vans can be used to transport small amount of loads for small tools and goods. This can be a personal delivery where you can charge for the curb side services.
  7. Prisoner step vans were also ordered for the sole purpose of transporting inmates, designed for focus, control and protection.

Outlets and producers of the step van can customize their design to suit your vending requirements and purposes. There is no limit to the design – it can be made to fit any mobilde truck business. So – you can be an ultimate mobile vending professional. Some may call these types of vans as work vans or route trucks. Others use the terms cargo vans, cube vans or panel vans. Among the manufacturers of the step vans are Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge and General Motors Corporation.  The specialty truck builder, Ultimaster, is also into the building of this kind of truck or van.

Some dealers of the used step vans help clients in the financing of the van purchase. Seasonal adjustments are even accorded to valuable clients for the leasing or amortizations.

In these hard economic times, people are looking for profitable businesses to augment the family finances. There is no better solution that the used step vans.

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